Saturday, May 9, 2009


There were hundreds of pictures on each person's camera so actually you got off easy.

So hard to say goodbye but so worth it.

The family made sure that they were back from seeing sights on Wednesday, April 29 because it was Elder Steenhoek's 74th birthday. We had a great party.

And more of the special time with our family

This group of pictures begins with Teresa and Matt in front of our beautiful Preston Temple.
The next is a shot of Matt in a bakery choosing some of the delectible pastries.
In the third picture Matt is rescuing his damsel in distress.
The fourth picture shows Cindy who needs to be rescued. She is trying to get the deer pooh off of her sneakers after going close to the deer in Tatton Park to get a good picture.

In the last blog I couldn't get the computer program to let me tell you about the pictures. I'm sure it's not the program....but as a Special Ed. teacher I learned to accommodate in many situations. This is one of those situations.
I'm going to explain the last set of pictures now. Matt and Teresa brought gifts from family members to Elders in my mission. We took Matt and Teresa to the Elder's flats to give them their gifts. One picture shows them getting a thank you from the Elder.
The Elders and Sisters are always so happy for presents.

Two other pictures show Matt at the Baden Powell Scout Center. Baden Powell started scouting here in England. Nearly every male in our family have earned an Eagle Scout Award and a few of us have been awarded the Silver Beaver Award(Women can get this too.) but I think only Matt has completed Wood Badge.

The last picture shows three drunk businessmen on the train who have joined Teresa and Cindy to serenade these beautiful women. They asked Teresa if the seats were taken and she said 'Yes' that their husbands had just gone to get some food. They seemed not concerned and began the serenade....;however, when six foot, six Matt walked back in their car the happy businessmen quickly relincquished their seats.

More of the Vacationers in England

Teresa, Matt, Cindy, Mark, Kade and Lisa

We loved our time in the office

This is the office team. Elder and Sister Davis and Elder and Sister Steenhoek.

I am busy working at my desk inputting Baptisms and referrals.

Elder Steenhoek is busy at his desk working with flats and cars for the missionaries. Standing with him in the next picture are two of the greatest missionaries in the mission. They went with Elder Steenhoek to move Elders. They have taken our place now to work in the office 2 days a week.

This is the mail room where I process the mail for 130 some Elders and Sisters.

More of the Duck Races

This is one of the ducks waiting patiently at the top of the stream until the race begins. Businessmen sponser a duck and then cheer their duck on to the finish line.

Of course the Easter Bunney was invited!
At the top right is the boat canel located on the other side of the town centre.
Centre right is a picture of the Easter Bonnet judging contest.
Lower left is our Town Cryer. He was also at the Christmas Eve sing along.
Such great town pride and spirit!

This is our city Lymm and the day of the Duck Races.

This is the Town Cryer. He was also a part of the program on Christmas Eve when Christmas Carols were sung here in the town center
Elder Steenhoek is helping a worker put up a booth.

This gentleman is in charge of putting a net at the end of the river/pond so the plastic ducks will not fall over the edge.

In England Easter is celebrated on Sunday and Monday. On Monday the city sponsers the The Duck Races. They are a big thing in Lymm. All businesses are closed. Booths are set up. Thousands of people come to watch the Duck Races.

Lymm is a very old city. The building across from the city stream was built in the early 1500's.

The Beauty of England

This is the front of our home with the tulips blooming. The beautiful daffodils have come and gone. Now it's tulip time.
This is the front of our current home during winter. There are no signs of flowers.

And this is tulips.

This is a sample of the daffodils growing along the motorways and streets in towns.

Yana's Baptism