Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dear Family and Friends,

I am still working on sending a perfect blog.....

That will come...maybe not on this mission but sometime.

One correction I need to mention though.....the two statues and Laurel and Hardy not
Abbott and Costello.

Love ya, Sister Ada

The Liverpool District Missionarieis

This is our fabulous Liverpool District.
They are marvelous young men.
We will miss them terribly when we move to Barrow In Furness Saturday. I'm sure the district there will be just as great....but these young men are family now.....just like our Warrington Ward Family.

The Celebration

The Bass Family who did the clean up! Daphne, the investigator, who played for us.

Audrey at with a bouquet of white roses

Audrey in front of the refreshment table. This is such a special day for her.

The Baptism

Ready for the Baptism
With her family after

Audrey along the baptism trail

Audrey having a lesson Audrey at the Distribution Center choosing her dress with her daughter and son-in law.

Elder Steenhoek/ A happy man!!

This is a happy day for
Elder Steenhoek.

He finally passed the driving
test today. The neighbor
brought him a congratulations
umbrella to help with the